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The ASVAB Word Knowledge section measures your knowledge and understanding about the word meaning both individually used and when included in a sentence. You may find it difficult to remember a specific word since the English language is so rich. However, our ASVAB word knowledge practice tests are designed and simulated as the actual test to help you adapt to the test format. Improve your language and vocabulary usage will help you both preparing for the ASVAB test and boost your communication ability in your career and personal life.

Your Word Knowledge score is a part of the AFQT score that will determine if you are qualified to enrolling the military. You have to answer 16 questions in 8 minutes on the CAT-ASVAB test, while the paper-and-pencil version asks 35 questions in 11 minutes.

Here are some ASVAB word problems that could be on the test:

  • The six-year-old was precocious. The word "precocious" most nearly means ___.
  • There is the camaraderie within the small groups at our church. The word "camaraderie" most nearly means ___.
  • Verbose most nearly means ___.

There are 4 multiple choices available and you have to choose the best one.
For more ASVAB word knowledge quiz, start training with us now. All the questions available on our website are based on the previous ASVAB tests and simulated as close as possible to the actual test. The only key to pass is practice, practice, and practice. Work hard and it will deserve!
Take our ASVAB practice tests for other sections on our website to fulfill all knowledge you need.

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