ASVAB Mechanical Comprehension Practice Test

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About ABC E-learning ASVAB Mechanical Comprehension Practice Test 2024

The Mechanical Comprehension Subtest is designed to determine the understanding of candidates about mechanics in complicated machinery such as automobiles as well as simple machines like levers or pulleys. This subtest includes questions dealing with how machines work and what they do. As a result, it requires test takers to equip themselves with a solid knowledge base of math, science, and mechanical principles. 

The Mechanical Comprehension Subtest does not impact your AFQT score but it does impact your eligibility for certain military jobs. Moreover, the Mechanical Comprehension Subtest accounts for 5% of the Verbal Expression score, which means a high score in this section can help boost your Verbal Expression score, hence, it is important to seriously spend a lot of time and effort on practicing for this part.

The computerized CAT-ASVAB version has 16 questions on Mechanical Comprehension which must be completed in 20 minutes, in the meantime, the paper version includes 25 questions and you are expected to complete it in 19 minutes. The questions on this test range from easy to difficult so do not be subjective at first glance, just take your time and prepare well for the harder questions later on.

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