when was the army established

When Was The Army Established: History of the Army

The Army is one of the most important and indispensable portions of the US Military. But do you know what the history of the Army is? When was the Army established? Find all the beneficial answers in the below article.

March 2, 2022

The United States Army is the biggest branch of the United States armed forces and a full-fledged constitutional service. The United States Army is tasked with conducting military operations on land within the United States as well as in other countries as designated by the United States Army (led by the Secretary of Defense). It is recognized as one of the oldest and largest military services in the United States, as well as one of the eight uniformed forces. What does the United States Army do? When was the Army founded? All information about the history of the United States Army, as well as related topics, is provided below.

The United States Army is a full-fledged constitutional service and the largest branch of the United States armed forces. The United States Army is tasked with carrying out military operations on land within the United States and in various countries as designated by the United States Army (led by the Secretary of Defense). It is acknowledged as one of the oldest as well as the largest military workforce of the United States, and one of the eight uniformed forces of the United States.

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When was the Army established?

When was the Army established? The modern US Army has its own roots in the Continental Army workforce of the United States, which was officially formed on June 14, 1775. The U.S. Army was originally formed to fight in which war? By history, the United States Army was formed for the purpose of meeting the needs of the American Revolutionary War. The US Congress agreed to officially establish the US Army on June 14, 1784, after the dissolution of the Continental Army with the goal of replacing this disbanded force.

The modern Army is considered the official descendant and extant force of the Continental Army, performing all the duties inherent in the Continental Army and continuing unfinished missions. Therefore, the American people in particular and legal documents around the world, in general, consider the founding date of the modern Army to be the founding date of the US Continental Army.

when was the army established

Prior to 1903, National Guard soldiers were considered state troops unless federalized by the President of the United States. Since the introduction of the Militia Act of 1903, all National Guard soldiers have been from both the state in which they are stationed and the United States of America: these Guardsmen have the right to work under the authority of the US the state and are also the reserve force of the US Army workforce under the leadership of the provisional President of the United States.

A multitude of state defense forces also exist, sometimes called state militias, sponsored by separate state governments and serving as a replacement for the National Guard. Unless in a time of great national danger, such as when the United States is invaded, militias are operated independently of the US Army and are considered forces of the state government. state rather than a national military component.

Although the Army today consists entirely of volunteers, augmented as needed by the Army Reserves and Army National Guard, the draft policy still exists in the event of a disaster, for example, if the United States was attacked on a large scale or a world war broke out.

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What does the US Army do?

Over 240 years of construction and development, the US Army has become a key force in military campaigns around the world.

According to the provisions of the US Code, the Army serves as the land service of the US Army with 4 objectives and missions including Maintaining peace and security; providing force to protect the United States and its commonwealths and colonies, as well as any land occupied by the United States; Support national policies; Implement national goals; To rise above and win over any country whose aggressive actions threaten the peace and national security of the United States.

The US Army is known as the oldest and largest military service in the US and is one of the 7 uniformed forces of the US. The primary mission of the US Army is to provide the forces and capabilities necessary to support the national security and defense strategy.

The US Army is operated and managed by the US Department of Army, which is one of the three military departments under the US Department of Defense. The civilian leader is the Secretary of the Army. The most senior military officer in the department is the Chief of Staff of the US Army.

Currently, the US Army has about 1,047,293 troops, including 490,047 active-duty troops, 557,246 reservists, and National Guard personnel.

Army commands include Command of the United States Army Forces (USAFC); US Army Training and Doctrine Command (USATDC); United States Army Armed Forces Command (USAMC). In addition, the Army’s component commands include US Army Africa Warfare (USAA); US Army in charge of battlefields in Central Vietnam (USAC); US Army in charge of Northern battlefields (USAN); US Army in charge of the Southern battlefield (USAS); US Army in charge of battlefields in Europe (USAE); US Army in charge of the Pacific theater (USAP); 8th US Army (EUSA); Special Operations Command (USASOC); Transport Deployment and Coordination Command (SDDC); US Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC).

By structure, the US Army consists of three components: a regular component; The two reserve elements are the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve. The Army Reserve is made up of part-time soldiers who train only once a month and attend an annual training session lasting two to three weeks each year.

While the Army National Guard is organized, trained, and equipped as a component of the United States Army, when it is not serving the confederacy, each of its own units is under the authority of territorial governors. and separate states or the mayor of the District of Columbia. However, the US National Guard can be federalized by order of the President of the United States, whether the governor of the state agrees or not.

when was the army established

The regular combat units of the US Army include the 1st Armored Division, 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, 10th Mountain Division, 25th Infantry Division, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, and 11th Cavalry Regiment, In addition, special operations forces include Special Forces (green berets), 82nd Airborne Division, 75th Ranger Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, 160th Special Operations Airlift Regiment, 4th Psychological Warfare League, Justice Brigade 95, 528th Logistics Brigade, 17th Airborne Brigade, and Delta Force. The forces are under the direct command of the US Army Special Operations Command.

It is known that the US Army has about 11 divisions, and each division has four infantry combat brigades. Within the US National Guard and Army Reserve, there are divisions with mixed brigades, consisting of combat support and combat support brigades, cavalry, infantry, and artillery brigades, aviation, engineer, and independent support.

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United States Army Corps

Currently, the United States Army includes 16 official corps: Adjutant General, Signal Corps, Military Police, Infantry, Cyber ​​Corps, Aviation, Air Defense, Artillery Armor, Chemical Corps, Field Artillery, Medical Services, Ordnance, Transportation, Corps of Engineers, Finance, Military Intelligence, and Quartermaster. Below are 5 main branches that you may know:


The infantry is the workforce including soldiers who fight mainly on land with small arms infantry in military units although they may be brought to the battlefield by horse, boat, car, or plane. or other means. Their weapons are small weapons such as rifles, pistols, and grenades.

Infantry is the main service of the Army, lightly equipped for ground combat; The main function is to destroy the enemy, capture their battlefields and maintain their own battlefields. This is the oldest service in history and the first to be built in the US Army.

Mechanized infantry

Motorized infantry is an infantry force that is supported and supported by motorized vehicles, so it has high maneuverability and mobility. When fighting, this force moves on foot, and when marching, it moves by motorized means.

The motorized infantry is equipped with armored fighting vehicles for mobility and combat, which can practice combat either in vehicles or in walking formations. Compared with infantry, mechanized infantry is equipped with more firepower and has higher mobility.

Field artillery

Artillery is the main fire force of the United States Army, usually equipped with artillery, rockets, and mortars, used to damage, destroy targets and directly provide fire support to forces. combat on land, and water can fight synergistically or independently.

Field artillery is usually equipped with cannons, missiles, and mortars, used to damage and destroy targets and directly provide firepower to combat forces on the ground and water, and can fight synergistically or independently.

Signal corps

The signal corps is a specialized technical service of the army, belonging to the Army Service, whose function is to ensure communication for the command system throughout the army.

Chemistry corps

The chemical corps is a specialized technical service of the US Army, with the function of ensuring chemistry for combat, as the core in the prevention of weapons of mass destruction, and camouflage to protect important targets of the US Army. White House, diversion to deceive the enemy with a smokescreen. Chemical corps can also fight directly with infantry weapons and flamethrowers.

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US Army vs US Marines

when was the army established

The US Army and Marines are two specialized forces of the United States Armed Forces that are used for different purposes. While the United States Army is an official division of armed forces such as the United States Air Force and Navy workforce, the United States Marine Corps is a subunit of the United States Navy that assists the navy and clears the ground in enemy territory for naval control.

Although both the US Army and U.S. Marines conduct land operations, the Marines primarily operate near coastal areas because their primary mission is to assist the navy in operations. his movement. There are differences between the US Army and the US Marines that will be highlighted in this article.

US Marines

History, the US Marine workforce was officially established in the year 1775 to specialize in combat operations, clearing territory for the United States Navy, and since its inception, the United States Marine forces are they who were first sent for the purpose of gaining control and clearing land for the US Navy and then the US Army to take over. U.S. Marines are ready for action in any war on foreign soil and liberated from action as the US Army stands ready to gain control of areas cleared by the Marines.

The Marines are special forces ready for specialized action. The United States Marines are the most loyal, feared, and revered fighting force in the entire world. Marines have a reputation for service, and excellence that Marines owe to the professionalism and efficiency they have demonstrated in every corner of the world.

US Army

The United States Army is a division of the armed forces and is responsible for land operations in the enemy territory through its infantry and aircraft. The US military is a well-trained, well-equipped, and well-armed force that can relieve the marines when the time is right to gain control of territory already taken by the marines.

Ground operations of the United States military are conducted by the United States military alone. The US Army has the best resources in terms of people, helicopters, weapons, tanks, and nuclear weapons. The United States Army is the largest dedicated force in the United States armed forces and has two reserves, assisted by the Army Reserve and the National Guard.

Differences between the US Army and the US Marines?

  • While the United States Army is a division of the armed forces of the United States, the United States Marines are a subdivision of the United States navy is a division of the US Military.
  • Both the US Army, as well as the US Marines, are specialized forces for land operations. U.S. Marines are there to help the Navy gain control of foreign territory by attacking enemy territory and clearing it for Navy takeover.
  • The United States Army is the largest land combat force in the United States armed forces and has a different role in defending the nation against enemy forces.
  • The basic combat training of the two forces is different due to the difference in performance.
  • U.S. Marines are always in a state of readiness to attack and are always prepared to attack in a very short time.
  • The US Army has a much larger scale compared to the US Marines.

The answer to the question “When was the army established?” is provided above, as is all information about the United States Army. We hope that this article is useful to you in every way. Don’t forget to take our free Army ASVAB practice test if you want to pass the exam and join the military.

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