army height and weight standards

New US Army Height And Weight Standards [2024 Updated]

US Army height and weight standards are the important things that all people who want to serve in the Army workforce must strictly follow. In this article, we will provide you with the physical charts as well as the Army advice that can benefit you.

March 1, 2022

The Army height and weight standards 2024, which are officially published by the US Army, are listed below. It is divided into age groups based on stature. It is critical to be either above or below your minimum. Failure to meet either one will most likely prevent you from enrolling or, even worse, from completing the necessary preparation. So, let’s thoroughly read the following article to properly prepare for your Army registration.

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How are the US Army Height and Weight Taken?

The Armed workforce takes official weight and stature estimation to decide an applicant’s physical condition. Usually, a portion of the physical exam of the MEPS (which stands for the official US Military Entrance Processing Station) each candidate of the US Army needs to successfully pass before the process of being sworn in as a select.

The estimation will be adjusted to the closest inch with the below rules: in case the height division is less than a half-inch, circular down. Or in case the official height division could be a half-inch or more noteworthy, circular up. The weight of the pre-soldiers can be recorded as well as measured to the closest pound. The weight and height of the soldiers will be taken authoritatively at the official US Military Entrance Processing Station. Both stature and weight estimations are adjusted up or down to the closest entirety digit. The adjustment depends on whether it is more or less than .5 pounds. To be more specific, in case your current weight is measured at 179.7 pounds, your official weight which will be noted is exactly 180 pounds.

If your weight surpasses the most extreme restriction given by the U.S. Armed Forces, at that point the Military Entrance Processing Station authorities may select to carry out body fat rate tests before the process of enlisting.

2024 Army Weight and Height Requirements for Current Soldiers In 2024

army height and weight standards

Why do we incorporate the Army weight and height rules for now serving troops in a piece examining enrollment guidelines? What are the weight requirements for the Army? Is there a height requirement for the Army? Since as specified over, it will not be too long (half a year) before the process of selection is tried once more for body composition after going on Army service. These problems are often considered a career-long concern for all US warriors who are now and then working in the US Army.

The explanation from the 1986 version doesn’t strictly explain medical issues or other variables that will advise the determination of an individual as the term “overweight”.

Dialect within the latest amendment of AR-900 takes a more nuanced approach, expressing, “Soldiers are subject to many demands and challenges which will affect personal availability. The Armed Force Body Composition Program gives commanders an efficient approach to implementing military guidelines over the unit” whereas advertising troops “with the assets they got to return to an ideal level of personal readiness”.

During the process of entering the Armed Force Body Composition Program, troopers ought to not anticipate being included in an unsupervised wellness program; very the inverse. The unit wellness ace preparing or unit wellness NCO will provide workout information and you’ll be required to do other well-being programs to get and keep up the ideal body composition. Any trooper coming up short of meeting body fat benchmarks after half of a year from the date of the section to Army service will be entered within the Armed force Body Composition Program.

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New Army Height and Weight Standards 2024 for Beginners

The same essential Army height and weight guidelines may apply to new initiates for serving military service, but the method for managing future warriors who can not right now meet physical measures is very distinctive compared to those who have completed the US military basic training program.

Beginners who are evaluated as not assembly Armed force physical benchmarks counting height/weight issues will be allowed to come up with those guidelines through organized wellness programs and other implies. The greatest contrast for initiates is that assembly of the Army’s measures here is the door to beginning a military career; for those as of now serving those benchmarks must be met to serve the Army workforce.

Physical Guidelines

army height and weight standards

Concurring with the US Armed Force official web for enlisting, the allowed height run for beginners begins at 5’0 and closes at 6’8 for men and 4’10 to 6’8 for ladies. Usually, the range indicated on the Armed Force’s official web shows its weight and height calculator. 17 is the minimum age for the above prerequisites.

Body Composition Rules

The height prerequisites are not just ones–recruits must meet the least minimum and maximum weight prerequisites, as well. These prerequisites are on a scale based on age, sexual orientation, and height. To be more specific, a male Armed Force enroll who is 18 years old must have his weight no more than 163 pounds. 

Body Fat Vs Body Mass

The US Armed Force Selecting prompts beginners that the Armed Force sees body composition as “the sum of body fat in comparison to their add up to body mass.” Armed force directions spell out the weight and height prerequisites (depending on their age) and in case these prerequisites are surpassed, “you can still qualify by being underneath the desired body fat for your age based on standards”.

The Armed force anticipates its selection representatives to assist in deciding the rate and appearance for the enrollment apparatuses that can offer assistance screen advance in the assembly of the enrollment and commissioning measures in this region. The Armed force is genuine approximately their enlisting measures. A few might think it’s fair to get within the current necessities and after that drop the workout program once they have met the measures.

However, AR-900 expects this, expressing clearly that any enroll who enters dynamic military benefit and comes up short of staying inside benchmarks half of a year afterward can be entered into the Armed Force Body Composition Program which could be a required administered and regulated wellness program for those who don’t keep up physical benchmarks.

On-Waivers Programs

In a few cases, a scout may be able to apply for a waiver for certain candidates who don’t meet the least necessities, but these are done on a case-by-case premise and there’s no across-the-board direction for such circumstances. If you have concerns, don’t forget to inquire the scout forthright about the potential for a waiver and beneath what circumstances the Armed Forces controls right now allow them.

What are the US Army Height and Weight Standards 2024?

Below is the 2024 Army height and weight chart for both men and women:

US Army Height and Weight Standards 2024 (Chart) for Women

Height of WomenMinimum WeightMaximum Weight (from 17 to 20)Maximum Weight (from 21 to 27)Maximum Weight (from 28 to 39)Maximum Weight (over 40 years old )
58 inches91 pounds119 pounds121 pounds122 pounds124 pounds
59 inches94 pounds124 pounds125 pounds126 pounds128 pounds
60 inches97 pounds128 pounds129 pounds131 pounds133 pounds
61 inches100 pounds132 pounds134 pounds135 pounds137 pounds
62 inches104 pounds136 pounds138 pounds140 pounds142 pounds
63 inches107 pounds141 pounds143 pounds144 pounds146 pounds
64 inches110 pounds145 pounds147 pounds149 pounds151 pounds
65 inches114 pounds150 pounds152 pounds154 pounds156 pounds
66 inches117 pounds155 pounds156 pounds158 pounds161 pounds
67 inches121 pounds159 pounds161 pounds163 pounds166 pounds
68 inches125 pounds164 pounds166 pounds168 pounds171 pounds
69 inches128 pounds169 pounds171 pounds173 pounds176 pounds
70 inches132 pounds174 pounds176 pounds178 pounds181 pounds
71 inches136 pounds179 pounds181 pounds183 pounds186 pounds
72 inches140 pounds184 pounds186 pounds188 pounds191 pounds
73 inches144 pounds189 pounds191 pounds194 pounds197 pounds
74 inches148 pounds194 pounds197 pounds199 pounds202 pounds
75 inches152 pounds200 pounds202 pounds204 pounds208 pounds
76 inches156 pounds205 pounds207 pounds210 pounds213 pounds
77 inches160 pounds210 pounds213 pounds215 pounds219 pounds
78 inches164 pounds216 pounds218 pounds221 pounds225 pounds
79 inches168 pounds221 pounds224 pounds227 pounds230 pounds
80 inches173 pounds227 pounds230 pounds233 pounds236 pounds

US Army Height and Weight Standards 2024 (Chart) for Men

Height of MenMinimum WeightMaximum Weight (from 17 to 20)Maximum Weight (from 21 to 27)Maximum Weight (from 28 to 39)Maximum Weight (over 40 years old)
58 inches91 pounds
59 inches94 pounds
60 inches97 pounds132 pounds136 pounds139 pounds141 pounds
61 inches100 pounds136 pounds140 pounds144 pounds146 pounds
62 inches104 pounds141 pounds144 pounds148 pounds150 pounds
63 inches107 pounds145 pounds149 pounds153 pounds155 pounds
64 inches110 pounds150 pounds154 pounds158 pounds160 pounds
65 inches114 pounds155 pounds159 pounds163 pounds165 pounds
66 inches117 pounds160 pounds163 pounds168 pounds170 pounds
67 inches121 pounds165 pounds169 pounds174 pounds176 pounds
68 inches125 pounds170 pounds174 pounds179 pounds181 pounds
69 inches128 pounds175 pounds179 pounds184 pounds186 pounds
70 inches132 pounds180 pounds185 pounds189 pounds192 pounds
71 inches136 pounds185 pounds189 pounds194 pounds197 pounds
72 inches140 pounds190 pounds195 pounds200 pounds203 pounds
73 inches144 pounds195 pounds200 pounds205 pounds208 pounds
74 inches148 pounds201 pounds206 pounds211 pounds214 pounds
75 inches152 pounds206 pounds212 pounds217 pounds220 pounds
76 inches156 pounds212 pounds217 pounds223 pounds226 pounds
77 inches160 pounds218 pounds223 pounds229 pounds232 pounds
78 inches164 pounds223 pounds229 pounds235 pounds238 pounds
79 inches168 pounds229 pounds235 pounds241 pounds244 pounds
80 inches173 pounds234 pounds240 pounds247 pounds250 pounds

How do I prepare for the Army physical?

army height and weight standards

The Armed force has a few Army height and weight standards for anybody considering a career as a warrior. It is best picked up through an appropriate count of calories and a workout. Illustrations of destitute body composition are immature muscle bunches or over-the-top body fat.

The philosophy of the US Armed Forces in this range includes the idea that poor body composition harms appearance and self-esteem but has a positive impact on demeanor and morale. The Armed Forces selection writing allows candidates to advocate for inclusion in a wellness program that includes activities such as swimming, cycling, and running, all of which have been shown to have a positive impact on the physical health of US soldiers.

Before beginning any wellness regimen, especially a comprehensive one, consult with a doctor. Don’t rely on trendy diets or exercise programs that begin just a few weeks before your weigh-in date, for example. Your selection representative will advise you on what types of wellness programs will best prepare you for basic training, but you will use a modified version of such a program if you are unable to meet the physical guidelines specified above.


Finally, the US Army’s revised height and weight criteria for 2024 are intended to enhance the overall well-being and fitness of its soldiers. The revised criteria are the result of intensive research and analysis, and they take into consideration the changing physical demands of modern conflict. The adoption of these new standards will necessitate effort and dedication on the part of both soldiers and their leaders, but the advantages of enhanced health and readiness will be well worth it. The US Army is committed to assuring its soldiers’ physical readiness, and these new requirements are a significant step toward that goal.

We hope that this information about Army height and weight standards will be useful to you during the registration process or the serving procedure. 

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