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Marvin Shaw is a homeschooling high school teacher and an ASVAB tutor. He's one of the creators of our ASVAB question collection. With his broad knowledge and a big love for the U.S. military, he's mentored hundreds of students to successfully enter the military.

Written by Marvin Shaw - ASVAB-Prep Writer

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A Complete Pictorial History Of US Navy Uniforms From 1776 To 1967

Follow this article to find out the pictorial history of US Navy uniforms from 1776 to 1976 and beneficial information about US Navy uniforms as well!

9 Mar 2022
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How To Become An Officer In The Navy In 2024?

The role of the U.S. Navy in national defense is more diverse than most people realize. Follow this article to know how to become an officer in the Navy.

5 Mar 2022
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How To Become A Marine Officer: A 2024 Ultimate Guide

The United States Marine Corps has become the dream of numerous US citizens. So how to become a Marine officer? Follow this article to have the most up-to-date information related to requirements and processes to become a Marine officer.

2 Mar 2022
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What Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Is?

What is the Uniform Code Of Military Justice and its purpose? Military members should be aware of the content of UCMJ and plenty of UCMJ rules. Read now!

28 Feb 2022
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8 Best Air Force Jobs In Demand In 2024

Read this article if you're dreaming about working as a portion of the United States Air Force. We provide the top air force jobs in demand. Let’s go ahead!

23 Feb 2022
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U.S. Army Height and Weight Standards for Females In 2024

If joining the Army is what you wish, there’s one thing you should know, which is the U.S. Army height and weight standards. Are you meet this?

1 Jan 2022