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You are working in a hospital supply room and make $13.65 an hour. The union negotiates a new contract giving each employee a 4.3% cost of living raise. What is your new hourly rate?

A $14.24 an hour
Compute the raise by multiplying the rate of increase by the hourly wage. To multiply a percentage, you must first move the decimal point 2 places to the left, so: raise = 13.65 \u00D7 4.3% = 13.65 \u00D7 .043 = 0.58695 Since we only use two decimal places when writing "cents", you must round 0.58695 up to 0.59. This gives us a $0.59 per hour raise. Compute the new hourly rate by adding the previous hourly wage and the raise: new hourly rate = $13.65 + $0.59 = $14.24 per hour
B $14.59 an hour
C $14.43 an hour
D $14.33 an hour