ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge Practice Test

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About ABC E-learning ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge Practice Test 2024

In order to successfully pass the ASVAB test with flying colors, it is important to make sure your score in the Mathematics Knowledge subtest is as high as possible since this part is one of the main factors that impact your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score, which decides your eligibility for military service. The Mathematics Knowledge subtest is designed to test your knowledge of basic high school math concepts and principles. Some of the problems in this test are challenging, so take your time and carefully practice to get well-prepared before the test day.

You are expected to answer 25 questions in only 24 minutes if you are taking the traditional pencil-and-paper version of the ASVAB test, in the meantime, with the computer version, there are 20 minutes for you to complete 16 questions.

Since the ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge subtest is a significant part, we highly recommend you seriously put your efforts into practicing for the test. On this website, we have a  great series of multiple choice ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge practice questions, ranging from basic math to advanced problems, and are closest to the actual exam. After completing the practice tests, do not forget to carefully review your answers with our provided answer keys and explanations. One more thing to notice is that in this subtest you may need to show your understanding of a number of different concepts, so remember to pay special attention to the concepts that you are not really good at. Practice with our ASVAB practice test now to build solid knowledge and confidence to ensure you will be doing your best on the real Mathematics Knowledge test.