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What is the area of the circle with center at point A if the distance between X and Y is 1.62 and points X, A, and Y lie on a straight line? Round your answer to 2 decimal places.

A 2.06
The formula for the area of a circle is $4530_w63_h16.png$. It is apparent from the diagram and information in the question that the diameter is the distance between X and Y.
Since we are only given the length of the diameter (which is always twice the radius), we'll need to divide 1.62 by 2 to arrive at the radius for use in the above formula. 1.62 \u00F7 2 = 0.81 Plugging that figure into the formula: $4530_w63_h16.png$ $6204_w135_h20.png$ A = 3.14 \u00D7 0.6561 A = 2.060154 This is 2.06, when rounded to two decimal places, per instructions in the question.
B 2.07
C 2.060154
D 5.05