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What is \(4 \sqrt{45} - 7 \sqrt{5}\)?

A \(5 \sqrt{5}\)

To subtract these radicals together their radicals must be the same:
\([4 \sqrt{45} - 7 \sqrt{5}] \) = \(4 \sqrt{ 3^2 \times 5 } - 7 \sqrt{5} \) = \(4 \times 3 \sqrt{5} - 7 \sqrt{5} = 5 \sqrt{5} \)

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9 months ago

Took between 15-60 minutes every day for the past month and a half to go through the practice tests and questions and I believe this app was extremely helpful and worth it. Got an 89 on the ASVAB today!

Edson Fiesco Guerrero

9 months ago

it's really helpful, even if you get questions wrong; you can always go back to correctly answer the question/s you got wrong, and it truly helps on stimulating your mind to think properly, and thoroughly.

Trent Bellinger

9 months ago

I'm dumb its helping me not be that

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