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\([(7 y^2+3xy-9)\) - \((2 y^2+3xy-5)] \)

A \([5 y^2-4]\)

When subtracting polynomials the first step is to distribute the negative sign through the parentheses. This changes the sign on each term inside the parentheses:
\([7 y^2+3xy-9- 2y^2-3xy+5]\)
Arrange like terms next to each other (optional):
\([7 y^2-2 y^2 +3xy-3xy-9+5]\)
Combine like terms to compute the answer: \([5 y^2-4] \).

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Frankie Felix

1 year ago

Very easy to learn with this app

The Panter77

1 year ago

Great app it help me a lot


1 year ago

Pretty good for learning basic stuff. Just wish the equation would change up so you don't just remember the answer.

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