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Janet is trying to watch her weight. A 1/2 cup of pudding has 150 calories. The same amount of broccoli has 60 calories. How much broccoli can Janet eat to equal the same number of calories in the 1/2 cup of pudding?

A 11/4 cups

Divide the number of calories in the pudding by the number of calories in the broccoli: 150 ÷ 60 = 21/2. Janet can eat 21/2 times the amount of broccoli as she can eat pudding for the same number of calories. Multiply 21/2 by 1/2 cup (the amount of pudding that contains 150 calories) to find how many cups of broccoli she can eat for 150 calories: 2.5 × 0.5 = 1.25 or 11/4 cups.