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Given the electronic circuit diagram, what is the current flowing through resistor at position R2? (MV = megavolts, k = kilo)

A 250 amperes
The circuit is wired in parallel and therefore the voltage at each resistor is the same. 5 megavolts = 5,000,000 volts = 250 amperes * 20,000 ohms. *Note: If you had trouble with this question and somehow calculated the answer to be 500 amps, remember that this is a parallel circuit and the current in each branch (where R1 and R2 are located) must add up to this total. Since the resistance in each branch is the same, and the voltage in a parallel circuit is the same throughout the circuit, the current in each branch must be half of the total, or 250 amps. Alternatively, the current in each branch is 5000000 volts divided by 20000 ohms, or 250 amps.
B 0 amperes
C 125 amperes
D 100 milliamperes