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A tiger in a zoo has consumed 120 pounds of food in 10 days. If the tiger continues to eat at the same rate, in how many more days will its total food consumption be 168 pounds?

A 4

If the tiger has consumed 120 pounds of food in 10 days that's 120/10 = 12 pounds of food per day. The tiger needs to consume 168 - 120 = 48 more pounds of food to reach 168 pounds total. At 12 pounds of food per day that's 48/12 = 4 more days.



2 years ago

This is a great and useful tool for helping you prepare for the Asvab!


2 years ago

What the title says


2 years ago

So far this is helping me remember some of my school days to take the asvab haven’t took my test yet but practicing to get a great score hopefully the job I want in the Army..

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