national guard asvab practice test

National Guard ASVAB Practice Test 2023

Enlisting as a National Guard ASVAB is no exemption which is highly regarded as one of the most common yet considerably elite forces among all US military branches.

January 1, 2022

With the world on the verge of an unprecedented phenomenon, certain military forces, ranging from high-grade armament-based forces to national security levels, are in high demand. With that in mind, joining the military, whether the Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or National Guard, reflects the potential for peace, which can only be protected by the aforementioned latter forces. As a result, joining the National Guard, which is widely regarded as one of the most common yet significantly elite forces among all US military branches, is not an exception.

Having the desire to join the service is the beginning of your military ambition, but having the guts to proceed with the subsequent conditions and evaluations would prove your unswerving passion for a specific military-entitled job. Like all other military branches, an applicant must undergo the standardized Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or commonly known as the ‘ASVAB Test’ which would administratively serve as a determiner of what military career path you would be most suited with. To help you easily pass your test, we highly recommend you take the National Guard ASVAB Practice Test 2023 now!

Take note:  Each military branch has its own minimum standards in terms of minimum line scores in each pre-given subtest. Having a score beyond what is typically required is somewhat ideal as it would boost your enlistment status and admissibility to certain career paths.

National Guard ASVAB Requirements

To join the National Guard, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants at the time of enlistment must be between the ages of 17-35.
  • Applicants under 18 years of age must bring with them a parent’s consent signed by their legal guardian.
  • For U.S. citizens, you must bear proof of legal residency.
  • For non-U.S. citizens, you must show legitimate documents proving your legal presence.
  • Applicants must possess a high school diploma to assure their eligibility for the service.
  • For applicants with a high school diploma, you are necessitated to at least achieve an ASVAB score of 31. Having less than that would suppress your chances of joining the particular branch.
  • For applicants with GED (General Education Development /Diploma), you must achieve at least achieve ASVAB scores of 50.
  • Applicants must pass with high remarks in a military-regulated physical evaluation.
  • Applicants must pass with high remarks in military-regulated mental assessment.
  • Applicants must have no history of major illegal offenses.
national guard asvab practice test
National Guard ASVAB practice test


ASVAB Test sub-sections

These are the eight subject areas that will be magnified in the ASVAB test:

  • General Sciences – Earth and life, Spaced Astronomy) and applied sciences.
  • Arithmetic Reasoning –  Ability to analyze and solve basic to advanced math problems.
  • Word Knowledge – Ability to comprehend definitions of certain words on a synonymous basis
  • Paragraph Comprehension – Ability to comprehend written literature and related concepts.
  • Mathematics Knowledge – Ability to ascertain math concepts and subsequent applications
  • Electrical Information – Know the systematic definitions and applications of Electromotive force, ohm’s law, types of circuits, electric-based devices, and other electrical terms and utilization.
  • Auto & Shop Information – automotive repair and maintenance, metal and woodshop.
  • Mechanical Comprehension- have prior knowledge about mechanical principles, structural backing systems, properties of materials, and raw inputs.

Take note:  The ASVAB test is by legal standards, timed, and is set to be taken with a duration of more or less 3.5 hours to finish. Being able to practice ahead about the possible questions would boost your chances of improving and landing a high score which would strongly affect your admissibility in certain career paths and higher tier status.

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National Guard-Entitled Jobs

Mentioned below are some of the national guard-entitled jobs. The report says that the equivalent scores are kept in classified status. Thus, justifying why there are no exact minimum job scores in the list. You can only know the exact score by conversing with your local recruiter.

Infantry Division

  • 11-C Indirect Fire Personnel
  • 11-X Infantry Personnel
  • 11-M Specialized Mechanical Infantryman

Field Artillery Department

  • 13-B Ammunition Crew Personnel
  • 13-C Fire Control Consultant (TAC)
  • 13-D Field Artillery: Strategic Systematized Information Specialist
  • 13-E Firearms Directory Specialist
  • 13-F Fire Support Specialist
  • 13-S Field Artillery: Surveillance Specialist
  • 13-W Field Artillery: Meteorological Personnel

Aviation Department

  • 15-B Aircraft Power Plant Maintenance
  • 15-F Aircraft Electrical Specialist
  • 15-G Aircraft Structural Repair Man
  • 15-J OH-58D Armament Aviation Systems Maintenance
  • 15-K Aircraft Subject Supervisor
  • 15-N Avionics Mechanical Consultant
  • 15-P Specialized Aviation Management Adviser
  • 15-Q Air Traffic Management Operator
  • 15-R AH-64 Attack Helicopter Maintenance
  • 15-U Medium Helicopter Maintenance
  • 15-V Observation Helicopter Maintenance
  • 15-X AH-64 Electrical Systems Maintenance

Special Forces Division

  • 18-b Special Forces Artillery Sergeant
  • 18-d Special Forces Medical Research Sergeant
  • 18-f Special Forces Sergeant in Intelligence Support Operations
  • 18-x Special Forces Reserve
  • 18-z Special Forces Warfare Sergeant

Armor Division

  • 19-K Armor Support Personnel

Engineering Department

  • 21-B Combat Engineer
  • 21-C Bridging Crewmate
  • 21-E Heavy Construction Machinery Specialist
  • 21-G Quarrying Consultant
  • 21-J Wide Construction Machinery Operator
  • 21-K Plumber
  • 21-L Lithographer
  • 21-M Fireman
  • 21-N Construction Machinery Supervisor
  • 21-Q Project Dissemination Specialist
  • 21-R Interior Electrical Consultant
  • 21-S Topographic Surveillance Specialist
  • 21-T Specialized Technical Engineer
  • 21-U Topographic Analysis Consultant
  • 21-W Carpentry & Masonry Supervisor
  • 21-X Generalized Supervising Engineer
  • 21-Y Topographical Supervising Engineer
  • 21-Z SR. SG. Combat Engineering

Signal Corps Department

  • 25-b Systematic Data Operations Analyst
  • 25-c Radio Management Maintenance
  • 25-d Operating Telecommunications Maintenance
  • 25-f Systematized Signal Switching Operator
  • 25-l Systematized Wiring Installation Staff
  • 25-m Multimedia Graphic Artist
  • 25-p Systematized Microwave Maintenance
  • 25-r Audio-Visual information Tools Repairman
  • 25-s Systematized Satellite Communication Operating Maintenance
  • 25-t Satellite Management Chief
  • 25-u Systematic Network Support Consultant
  • 25-x Senior Networking Sergeant
  • 25-y Systematized Information Chief
  • 25-z Visual Data Management Chief

Advocated Judge General Department

  • 27-d Paralegal Consultant

Military Police Corps Branch

  • 31-B Military Police Officer

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Military Intelligence Branch

  • 33-W (35-t) MI Interceptor
  • 96-B (35-f) Intelligence Analysis Specialist
  • 96-D (35-g) Imagery Analysis Consultant
  • 96-R (35-h) Ground Systems Surveyor
  • 96-U (35-k) Unmanned Aircraft Operator
  • 97-B (35-l) Counterintelligence Specialist
  • 97-L (35-q) Broad Linguistic Translator

Civil Affairs Department

  • 38-B Civil Affairs Consultant

Adjutant General Division

  • 42-A Human Resource Consultant
  • 42-F Systematized Human Resource Input Specialist

Finance Department

  • 44-C Accounting consultant

Public Affairs Branch

  • 46-Z Chief of Public Affairs

Chaplain Branch

  • 56-M Chaplain Aid

Mechanical Maintenance

  • 44-E Machinery Specialist
  • 45-B Small scale Armament Repairer
  • 45K General Armament Maintenance
  • 52-C Utility Maintenance
  • 63-D Artillery Mechanical Expert
  • 63-Z Mechanical Supervising Maintenance

Medical Division

  • 68-D Room Operations Consultant
  • 68-E Dentist
  • 68-H Optical Expert
  • 68-T Animal Welfare consultant
  • 68-X Mental Health Adviser

Chemical Department

  • 74-D Chemical Research Expert

Transportation Department

  • 88-H Cargo Operator
  • 88-L Watercraft Specialist
  • 88-N Traffic Management Interceptor
  • 88-P Railway Machinery Maintenance

Ordnance Department

  • 89-B Armament/Artillery Specialist

Quartermaster Corps Division

  • 92-A Logistics Automates Consultant
  • 92-F Petroleum Supply Operator
  • 92-G Specialized Food Service consultant
  • 92-W Specialized Water Treatment Consultant

CMF 94 – Electronic Maintenance

  • 94-A Ground Combat Electrical Missile Order Maintenance
  • 94-E Radio & Communications  Maintenance Security
  • 94-L Avionics Telecommunications Maintenance
  • 94-M Radar Maintenance
  • 94-R Systematized Avionics Repairman
  • 94-S Systematic PATRIOT Maintenance
  • 94W Chief in Electrical Maintenance

Upon reaching the end of the ASVAB test, be wary that the result will initially define your potential capacity. You may fail at first, yet don’t treat it as a burden but rather convert it into bricks of knowledge eventually forming it into your house of wisdom. That being said, passing may not be instantly guaranteed but what matters is your commitment to driving with your passion to be part of the service. For further ideas about the National Guard ASVAB information, it’s best to call your local recruiter to better know the availability of your desired career path along with the conditions that must be met in return.

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