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Your new remodel is almost done. The contractor needs to put the final framing on and needs 8 sections, measuring 4 feet, 2 inches each. The framing is available from the supplier by 10-foot lengths only. What is the total length of the lumber that needs to be purchased?

A 40 feet
The contractor needs 8 pieces of 4-foot, 2 inch framing. A 10-foot lumber can be made into two pieces of framing. In order to complete the 8 pieces needed, the contractor needs to order 4 pieces of 10-foot long lumber. So, 4 pieces x 10 feet = 40 feet of framing The contractor actually only needs a total of 34 feet of framing, but lumber is usually cut and sold in even lengths by feet (such as 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet). And as stated in this question, the lumber availability was in 10-foot length.
B 48 feet
C 34 feet
D 30 feet