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You take your dog for a walk in the evenings and it takes about 25 minutes to walk 8 city blocks. If you decide to do a "marathon walk" of 32 city blocks on a Saturday, how many minutes will it take you to complete this?

A 1 hour + 40 minutes
You can probably figure out this answer in your head, with a bit of thought: Notice that a distance of 32 city blocks is 4 times as long as 8 city blocks. This means it would take you 4 times as long. And 4 times 25 minutes is 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes. On the other hand, if you'd like some practice using the distance/time formula, compute your walking speed using the general formula for distance and speed: distance = speed \u00D7 time Or speed = $4063_w64_h39.png$ walking speed = $2488_w98_h39.png$ walking speed = $2366_w18_h37.png$ Calculate the time it will take you to walk 32 city blocks. Use the same formula for distance and speed: distance = speed \u00D7 time or time = $1349_w64_h42.png$ time $8074_w257_h46.png$ minutes Converting 100 minutes to hours and minutes: 100 minutes = 60 minutes + 40 minutes = 1 hour + 40 minutes Tip: This problem may also be solved using ratio and proportion.
B 1 hour + 25 minutes
C 1 hour + 32 minutes
D 1 hour