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You are told that one of the internal angles of a parallelogram is 54 degrees. This means at least one other angle must be equal to:

A 54 degrees

A parallelogram has 2 sets of angles that are equal to one another. That means if one angle is 54 degrees, at least one other angle (the opposite angle) must also be 54 degrees. The other two angles are each 126 degrees because 2 angles next to each other in a parallelogram are supplementary angles (add up to 180 degrees).


Raymond Quintero

6 months ago

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6 months ago

This is really helping me study for my asvab. I may be in 9th grade but it’s a lot of help on learning new things to get to a goal that has been set since I was 5. I love this app.


6 months ago

great app to study

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