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You are asked to chart the temperature during an 8 hour period to give the average. These are your results: 7am : -10 degrees 8am: 0 degrees 9 am: 30 degrees 10 am: 36 degrees 11 am: 40 degrees 12 pm: 42 degrees 1pm: 42 degrees 2 pm: 41 degrees What is the average temperature?

A about 28 degrees
To find the average you need to add all of the values given and divide the total by the number of recordings made (8). Note that the first entry is a minus degree. (Do not add 10, add -10 to the list of figures) Average temperature = $9311_w438_h39.png$ Therefore, "about 28 degrees" is the best of the answer choices, after rounding.
B about 32 degrees
C about 30 degrees
D about 40 degrees