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You are asked to buy bags of cement to pour a cement pad for a hot tub. You need to fill the pad frame which is a square frame measuring 8 feet long and 1 foot high. Each bag of cement mixed will fill 5 cubic feet in the frame. How many bags will you need to buy to ensure enough to fill the entire frame?

A 13 bags
The formula for volume or capacity is: V = LWH Where L is length, W is width, and H is height. For a square-shaped base, L = W, so V = LLH Compute for the volume to be filled up: V = (8)(8)(1) = 64 cubic feet Compute how many bags will be needed if 1 bag can fill 5 cubic feet of volume: $3954_w226_h37.png$ Round off to 13 bags of cement TIP: How will you know when to use the formula for volume, V=LWH, when the problem has not specifically asked for the volume? Values given in cubic units, such as 5 cubic feet, indicate that you will be dealing with volume or capacity. Take note, however, that formulas for volume vary with shape. V = LWH works only for square solids (called cubes) or rectangular solids.
B 8 bags
C 10 bags
D 12 bags