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Which of the following is implied by the passage?

A Physical activity alone may not be enough to reduce the risk of disease.

The passage mentions that “regardless of regular exercise,” sedentary activities can negatively impact one’s health. Choice (Physical activity alone may not be enough to reduce the risk of disease) is a clear restatement of that idea. Answers (Regular exercise will counteract the negative effects of being sedentary) and (Watching television while on a treadmill is considered sedentary time) are all false according to the information in the passage. Answer (Sitting still causes some types of heart disease and cancer) assumes that sitting still is a direct cause of disease, though the passage only suggests that long periods of sitting increase the risk of these diseases.

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1 year ago

Love it. Make me enjoy studying.

Kid Panther

1 year ago

Really helpful


1 year ago

Most of the questions seem fine, but the math is a trainwreck. The app cannot display fractions properly so you are forced to guess if there's a fraction in the solution. Also, the app cannot label a number as being squared, so again the best you can do is guess what they mean, for instance, the Pythagorean formula is listed as a+b=c.. all in all, the app is okay, but I haven't taken the ASVAB yet so I'll update the review after that. This is all on the pro version btw.

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