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Two monorails depart their respective stations at the same time. The monorail headed south is traveling 65 miles an hour, while the monorail headed north is traveling 55 miles per hour. Given this information, how many miles will both monorails travel in 4 hours?

A 480 miles
The total distance traveled by both monorails can be computed by adding the distance traveled by the south monorail and the distance traveled by the south monorail: total distance = distance south monorail + distance north monorail Solve for distance traveled by each monorail using the formula distance = speed x time distance traveled by south monorail = 65 x 4 = 260 miles distance traveled by north monorail = 55 x 4 = 220 miles total distance traveled by the 2 monorails = 260 + 220 = 480 miles
B 508 miles
C 465 miles
D 570 miles