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The vociferous student was pleased by the good debate score. The word vociferous MOST NEARLY means ______.

A Vehement.

Vociferous means expressing feelings or opinions in a very loud or forceful way. The closest synonym is vehement, which can be used to describe an impassioned expression of emotion.

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Courtney Todd

1 year ago

Only tired a few categories. I was most looking forward to assembling objects. It shows microscopic diagrams that you can't zoom in on, and asks in regular question format which will make an object of assembled. I can't see the pic, and the answers are straight up A.B.C.D. with no hints of anything else. ??? Also, a LOT of ads for games and stuff. Every screen is a new ad for color match or cartoon me.

Chase Krieger

1 year ago

great tool for practice! heres to hoping i pass! :)


1 year ago

It’s very helpful if h actually put the time in to study

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