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The grocery store orders ibuprofen in bottles by the gross. The first day after stocking the shelves with a new shipment they sold 5 bottles. The next day they sold 8 and the third day, 7. How many bottles remain from the original order? (Hint: Gross is defined as a dozen dozens or 144)

A 124
Gross is defined as a dozen dozens. This means that 1 gross = 12 dozens = 12 x 12= 144 Solving the problem then: Remaining bottles = 144 - (5 + 8 + 7) = 124 Note: The definitions of measurement terms, such as dozen and gross, are things you will need to know in order to do well on most any standardized math test. Be sure to review them by seeking online lists of "units of measurement" vocabulary.
B 104
C 131
D 100