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The equation of a line is given as: y = 3x + 5. Which of the following points does NOT lie on the line?

A (3,16)

Points that lie on the line with the equation given must correctly fill in the equation. For example, answer (1,8) gives an X value of 1, from which we can calculate y = 3(1) +5 = 8. Thus, the point (1, 8) must lie on the line. Answer (3,16) does not lie on the line, because if we enter an X value of 3, then y = 3(3) + 5 = 14, which does not match with the point’s value of (3,16). Thus, answer (3,16) does not lie on the line.


Vladimyr Leger

1 year ago

Mwen gen pou mwen al pran tès Army an nan mwa desanb sa...ASVAB practice test sa mete m an konfyans.


1 year ago

i LOVE the military and connecting shapes :)

Sandeep Ks

1 year ago

Great app

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