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Terri has a jar of orange, blue, green, and red chocolate candies. In the jar are 75 orange candies, 62 blue candies, and 52 green candies. If there is a total of 252 candies in the jar, what is the probability that Terri will pick a red candy?

A 1/4

To solve this problem, first find the number of red candies in the jar by adding the numbers of all the other candies together, then subtracting from the total. 75 orange + 62 blue + 52 green = 189 candies.
252 – 189 = 63 red candies.
Probability is the chance that a certain event will happen. Since there are 63 red candies out of a total of 252 candies, divide 63 by 252. Reduce the fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by 63.  63/252 = 1/4

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