Terri has a jar of orange, blue, green, and red chocolate candies. In the jar are 75 orange candies, 62 blue candies, and 52 green candies. If there is a total of 252 candies in the jar, what is the probability that Terri will pick a red candy?
\(\frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{4}}\)
\(\frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{8}}\)
\(\frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{12}}\)
Detailed Explanation

To solve this problem, first find the number of red candies in the jar by adding the numbers of all the other candies together, then subtracting them from the total. 75 orange + 62 blue + 52 green = 189 candies.
252 – 189 = 63 red candies.
Probability is the chance that a certain event will happen. Since there are 63 red candies out of a total of 252 candies, divide 63 by 252. Reduce the fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by 63.  \(\frac{\mathrm{63} }{\mathrm{252}}\) = \(\frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{4}}\)

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