Stephen signed up to bring 5 gallons of lemonade to the company picnic. He has a 5-gallon bucket that contains 3.5 gallons of lemonade. How many pints of lemonade will he need to add in order to fill the bucket?
Detailed Explanation
To determine how many pints of lemonade Stephen needs to add to fill the bucket, we need to find the remaining volume of lemonade needed to reach the 5-gallon mark. Since 1 gallon is equal to 8 pints, we can calculate the remaining volume as follows:
5 gallons - 3.5 gallons = 1.5 gallons.
To convert this remaining volume to pints, we can multiply it by 8:
1.5 gallons × 8 pints/gallon = 12 pints.
Therefore, Stephen will need to add 12 pints of lemonade to fill the bucket.
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