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Rachel is driving to visit her mother, who lives 250 miles away. How long will the drive be, round-trip, if Rachel drives at an average speed of 40 mph?

A 750 minutes

The distance from Rachel’s house to her mother’s house is 250 miles, so round-trip, the distance is 500 miles. Plug this into the distance formula:
d = rt
500 = 40t
500 ÷ 40 = t
12.5 = t
It takes Rachel 12.5 hours to make the round-trip drive. Multiply by 60 to find the answer in minute
12.5 × 60 = 750 minutes.

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9 months ago

Really studying and hoping to in-list

Melvin Burgos

9 months ago

Exelente aplicacion

Burton Squad

9 months ago

I have no complaints!!! Im just happy someone stepped up to help others like myself. I struggle alot in General Math portion. Thank you!!! I hope I can get into the military and make this world proud!!

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