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One phone plan charges a $20 monthly fee and $0.08 per minute on every phone call made. Another phone plan charges a $12 monthly fee and $0.12 per minute for each call. After how many minutes would the charge be the same for both plans?

A 200 minutes

Let m represent the minutes of the phone calls. The monthly charge for the first plan is 20 + 0.08m. The monthly charge for the second plan is 12 + 0.12m. When the monthly charges are the same, 20 + 0.08m = 12 + 0.12m.
20 + 0.08m – 0.08m = 12 + 0.12m – 0.08m
20 = 12 + 0.04m
20 – 12 = 12 + 0.04m – 12
8/. 004=800/4 = 200 minutes

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11 months ago

Love it. Make me enjoy studying.

Kid Panther

11 months ago

Really helpful


11 months ago

Most of the questions seem fine, but the math is a trainwreck. The app cannot display fractions properly so you are forced to guess if there's a fraction in the solution. Also, the app cannot label a number as being squared, so again the best you can do is guess what they mean, for instance, the Pythagorean formula is listed as a+b=c.. all in all, the app is okay, but I haven't taken the ASVAB yet so I'll update the review after that. This is all on the pro version btw.

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