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On a trip to the beach you travel 200 miles in 300 minutes. How fast did you travel?

A 40 mph

First convert the 300 minutes to hours by dividing by 60 (300 ÷ 60 = 5 hours). Use the distance formula (d = rt) and substitute the known values: 200 = 5r => r = 40.

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2 years ago

This app gives great practice and helps you figure out what to improve on. I went from getting a 32 on the practice to getting a 62. Once I took the real thing I got a 62. I also wish that it would show you different ways to solve problems or just go more into detail. But overall this is a great app to help study for the ASVAB


2 years ago

I love the format that allows you to see what you did wrong and continue to keep practicing until you perfect the different categories. I only wish they’d switch up some of the questions to actually surprise and test you


2 years ago

I study this app for about 4 days before my test because I wanted to join the Air Force and ended up passing it thanks to you guys great app would recommend this to anyone trying to pass the ASVAB.

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