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Kevin and Kara are in a pancake-eating contest. Kevin can eat three pancakes per minute, while Kara can eat \(3\frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{2} }\) pancakes per minute. How many total pancakes can they eat in 10 minutes?

A 65 pancakes

If Kevin eats 3 pancakes in one minute, you know he eats 3(10) = 30 in 10 minutes. If Kara eats \(3\frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{2} }\) per minute, she eats 3.5 × 10 = 35 in 10 minutes. Add 30 + 35 = 65 and you have your answer.

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Igmel Vargas

1 year ago

these questions come out the same in the asvab?

Thomas Robley Burnett

1 year ago

Easy questions


1 year ago

5 stars because it’s GRRRRREAT

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