Karl is driving in Austria, where the speed limit is posted in kilometers per hour. The car’s speedometer shows that he’s traveling at a rate of 75 kilometers per hour. Karl knows that a kilometer is about 5/8 of a mile. Approximately how many miles per hour is Karl traveling?
Detailed Explanation
A kilometer is \(\frac{\mathrm{5} }{\mathrm{8}}\) of a mile, so multiply 75 × \(\frac{\mathrm{5} }{\mathrm{8}}\), or \(\frac{\mathrm{75} }{\mathrm{1}}\) × \(\frac{\mathrm{5} }{\mathrm{8}}\) = \(\frac{\mathrm{375} }{\mathrm{8}}\).
Divide 8 into 375 to reduce the fraction and determine that Karl was traveling at 47 miles per hour.
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