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If two workers are carrying a single load with the assistance of a board or plane, how should the load be placed to ensure an entirely equitable division of effort?

A The load should be placed directly in the middle of the board or plane to ensure equal labor division between workers.
The load must be placed square in the middle of a board or plane to ensure that both parties carrying the load shoulder an equal weight burden. Placing the load closer to one side will result in greater strain placed upon one worker. Planes can be useful in carrying loads, rendering this answer incorrect.
B The load should be placed the same length from one side as the load is long; i.e. if the load is 3 feet wide, it should be placed 3 feet from the edge of the plane.
C The load should be placed closer to one end to prevent bowing of the plane.
D The cargo should be held directly, rather than placing strain on a board or plane.