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If a store adds 50 chairs to its current inventory, the total number of chairs will be the same as three-halves the current inventory of chairs. If the manager wants to increase the current inventory by 40%, what will the new inventory of chairs be?

A 140

This word problem requires careful translation. Let’s say t = total current inventory of chairs. The first sentence states that \(50 + t = \frac{\mathrm{3} }{\mathrm{2}} t\). First solve for the current inventory:
\(50 + t = \frac{\mathrm{3} }{\mathrm{2}} t\)
50 = 3t/2 - t
\(50 = \frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{2}}t\)
t = 100.
The manager wants to increase this by 40%. We know that 40% of 100 is 40, so the new inventory will be 140.

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Janelle Jones0923

2 years ago

This app is better than March2success. I pray as i think I’m really learning from it.


2 years ago

This app is a great study tool


2 years ago

I love how this app explains breaks down the problem step by step weather you got it correct or wrong.

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