How many kilograms is a cow on a trailer if 1200 newtons of force are acting on it?
122 kg.
11,760 kg.
1,200 kg.
9.8 kg.
Detailed Explanation
Weight, or newtons of force due to gravity, is calculated using the formula: W=mg.
Here, W is the weight in newtons (N), m is mass (in kilograms) and g is the acceleration due to gravity (which, on Earth, is always \(9.8 m/s^2\)).
Solving for mass, then, requires that you divide weight (1,200 N) by gravity (\(9.8 m/s^2\)). This gives you a mass of about 122 kg.
Therefore, if 1200 newtons of force are acting on a cow on a trailer, the mass of the cow would be approximately 122 kilograms.
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