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Given the electrical circuit in the image provided, what is the current in resistor R1?

A 0.16666666667 amperes
The relationship between current, I, voltage, V, and resistance, R, is described by the equation $5687_w50_h37.png$, where R represents the total resistance in the circuit. We are given the voltage, two resistors, and asked to find the current. It is first necessary to determine the total resistance. It can be seen that the resistors are in a series. The total resistance in a series circuit is the sum of each resistor. So, the total resistance is $3981_w188_h16.png$ ohm. Plug the given values into the formula for current and evaluate: $3019_w192_h37.png$ Amperes. Notice that the question asks for the current passing through $4058_w20_h16.png$. Because this is a series circuit, the current passing through the entire circuit is equivalent to the current passing through each individual resistor.
B 7.66666666661 amperes
C 0.5 amperes
D 0.25 amperes