Every day, Bert spends totally an hour commuting to and from his office, driving at an average speed of 50 mph and taking the same route each way. How far does Bert live from his office?
Detailed Explanation
To find the distance Bert lives from his office, we can use the formula:

Distance = Speed × Time

Given that Bert spends a total of 1 hour commuting, with an average speed of 50 mph, we can divide the total time by 2 (since it includes both the commute to the office and the commute back home):

Total time = 1 hour
Time for one-way commute = Total time / 2 = 1 hour / 2 = 0.5 hour

Using the formula, we can calculate the distance:

Distance = Speed × Time = 50 mph × 0.5 hour = 25 miles

Therefore, Bert lives approximately 25 miles away from his office.
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