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Does the passage imply which of the following about scorbutic sailors?

A They could be easily overwhelmed.

The author mentions that sailors could be killed from a “long-awaited taste of fruit,” which supports the answer (They could be easily overwhelmed), that “They could be easily overwhelmed” by outside stimuli. It is therefore unlikely that “fresh food could cure them of the disease,” as the answer (Fresh food could cure them of the disease) states. Answer (They would be prone to genetic mutation) is incorrect because scurvy doesn’t itself cause genetic mutation, and answer (They were more likely to commit suicide) is not discussed in the passage.



11 months ago

Loved this asvab practice and ready to take a test.

Kemuel Houston

11 months ago

Good help

Elio Martinez

11 months ago

Very cool and useful . It also tells you why you got the question wrong and how to solve it . Another cool thing is that it gives you a tracking sheet of your goals and study time

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