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Convert 520,000 to scientific notation.

A $2481_w67_h17.png$
When dealing with very large or very small numbers, computing is made easier by writing these numbers in scientific notation. A number written in this format has two parts, which are: To express 520,000 in scientific notation, we first write the decimal part with the decimal written after the first digit: 5.2 Then we write the exponent part, taking note of the n which indicates the number of places moved by the decimal point from its initial position in 520,000 (the decimal point is understood to be at the end of the number) to get to its position in 5.2 or 5.20000. Counting, you will find that the decimal point was moved 5 places to the right. So the exponent part will be written as: $6621_w39_h17.png$ Therefore, the correct way of writing 520,000 in scientific notation is $2481_w67_h17.png$
B $5682_w79_h14.png$
C $2816_w86_h17.png$
D $1190_w88_h14.png$