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Chris is driving a truck that can hold 4 tons maximum. He has a shipment of food weighing 26,000 pounds. How many trips will he need to make to deliver all of the food?

A 4 trips
A ton is approximately 2,000 pounds. The maximum load that Chris' truck can carry = 4 tons x 2,000 pounds/ton = 8,000 pounds. Compute for the number of trips needed: Number of trips = 26,000 \u00F7 8000 = 3.25 But, remember that he wants to transport all of the load, so, while 3 trips would take care of most of it, he'd still have the .25 of a load to take, requiring a fourth trip. So, the answer is 4 trips.
B 2 trips
C 3 trips
D 1 trip