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At the arcade, Nick spent 203 tokens on video games in seven days. Each day he spent five more tokens than the previous day. How many tokens did Nick spend on the third day at the arcade?

A 24 tokens.

Let x = the number of tokens Nick spent on day 1. Set up the following equation and solve for x: x + (x + 5) + (x + 10) + (x + 15) + (x + 20) + (x + 25) + (x + 30) = 203
7x + 105 = 203
x = 14 tokens . We know Nick spent 14 tokens on the first day. To find what he spent on the third day, add 10 tokens to get 24 tokens.

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1 year ago

Loved this asvab practice and ready to take a test.

Kemuel Houston

1 year ago

Good help

Elio Martinez

1 year ago

Very cool and useful . It also tells you why you got the question wrong and how to solve it . Another cool thing is that it gives you a tracking sheet of your goals and study time

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