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At boarding school, students spend $4367_w9_h38.png$ of their time eating and sleeping, $1779_w9_h37.png$ of their time in class, and $4058_w18_h38.png$ studying. The rest of the time is considered free time, which the student can spend doing activities of their own choosing. What fraction is considered free time?

A $9510_w18_h38.png$
First you need to find a common denominator for these fractions. The common denominator for 4, 5, and 12 is 60. The fractions convert accordingly to: $7550_w77_h38.png$ Now add these three fractions: $5294_w151_h38.png$ Compute the time left by subtracting $6124_w18_h38.png$ from the fraction representing the whole day, $2204_w18_h37.png$: $4120_w153_h39.png$ (Reduced to the lowest terms)
B $4058_w18_h38.png$
C $6043_w18_h38.png$
D $2228_w18_h37.png$