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Aisha wants to paint the walls of a room. She knows that each can of paint contains one gallon. A half gallon will completely cover a 55 square feet of wall. Each of the four walls of the room is 10 feet high. Two of the walls are 10 feet wide and two of the walls are 15 feet wide. How many 1-gallon buckets of paint does Aisha need to buy in order to fully paint the room?

A 5

The total number of buckets necessary will be the total area of the walls divided by the total area covered by each bucket. First, calculate the area of the walls Aisha wants to paint. Two of the walls are 10 × 10 and two of the walls are 10 × 15:
2 (10 × 10) = 200 sq. ft.
2 (10 × 15) = 300 sq. ft.
So the total square footage of the walls is 500. If a half gallon of paint will cover 55 square feet, then each gallon will cover 2 × 55 = 110 square feet. Four gallons can only cover 440 square feet. Five gallons will cover 550 square feet, which will be enough for the entire area of the walls.

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