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After college, she bought a house on the "outskirts" of town. The word "outskirts" MOST NEARLY means______.

A Outlying areas.

The word "outskirts" most nearly means outlying areas.
The outskirts of a town or city are the areas that are farthest away from the center. They are often less developed than the center of town and may have more open space and greenery.
The other options do not have the same meaning as outskirts.
Apartments are buildings that contain multiple housing units.
Apparel is clothing and other items worn on the body.
Beaches are areas of land along the edge of a body of water, such as an ocean or lake.

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Ruganza Rurwanyi

1 year ago

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Patrick Krueger

1 year ago

It helps me learn what I need to work more on than other subjects

Fr.patrick Turnier

1 year ago

Very educational

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