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According to the passage, people in a community will ______.

A Follow the same standards of social behavior.

“Norms” are standards and patterns of social behavior. If they “share norms,” this suggests that they follow the same standards. It may be likely that they speak the same language or share some of the same knowledge, but the passage doesn't state that this is necessarily true.

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Courtney Todd

1 year ago

Only tired a few categories. I was most looking forward to assembling objects. It shows microscopic diagrams that you can't zoom in on, and asks in regular question format which will make an object of assembled. I can't see the pic, and the answers are straight up A.B.C.D. with no hints of anything else. ??? Also, a LOT of ads for games and stuff. Every screen is a new ad for color match or cartoon me.

Chase Krieger

1 year ago

great tool for practice! heres to hoping i pass! :)


1 year ago

It’s very helpful if h actually put the time in to study

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