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A three-digit code must be used to access a computer file. The first digit must be an A or a B. The second digit must be a number between 0 and 9. The final digit is a single letter from the alphabet from A to Z. How many possible access codes can there be?

A 520

There are 2 possibilities for the first digit (A or B), 10 possibilities for the second digit (0 to 9) and 26 possibilities for the third digit. Using the multiplication principle, 2 × 10 × 26 = 520.


Instant abs

2 years ago

The app is very good to use for first time takers. It breaks the asvab down into different categories allowing you to focus on singular subjects a lot closer. However there are some downfalls thought, the app doesn’t typically update and sometimes has the wrong answers for some questions but this is a rare problem so don’t worry too much about it. Another thing that I would consider a downfall is that it doesn’t guarantee you making a good score. I studied on this app for 3 solid months before my test and I the day before I was getting 50/50 for every practice test I was taking on the app. However when I took the actual test I made a 45. The app is really good but at times it does feel really out of date and in need of an update. Overall app I give it a 4/5.


2 years ago

I love this app and I can’t wait till I join the Army


2 years ago

All other apps require for you to pay. This one doesn’t! It has loads of test questions to help you practice and get better! And you can always reset your progress and keep studying! Be aware this is only practice tests but if you get a question wrong it can you give an explanation after getting it wrong which is great. I’ve learned a lot by paying attention to what the question asks. I know the material bu the questions can be difficult! Over all great app I love it

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