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A sudden intense brightening from a small area of the Sun's surface is called a ____.

A Solar flare

Solar flares usually occur in the vicinity of a magnetic inversion near a group of sunspots. The flare develops in a few minutes, or even seconds, and may last several hours. Sunspots are temporary dark spots that sometimes appear on the surface of the Sun. Prominences are huge loops of gas that erupt from sunspot regions. Quasars are the very bright centers of distant galaxies.


Miko Nikeboi

9 months ago

So far so good, I'll give an update after my test 🤣

Ishvari Devi Dasi

9 months ago

helps you start getting an idea on what the actual test will be like. one thing which would improve is ability to remove ads and increase the size of the pictures in assembly.

Gabriel Amaro

9 months ago

its super helpful and super easy to use

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