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A security guard walks the equivalent of six city blocks when he makes a circuit around the building. If he walks at a pace of eight city blocks every 30 minutes, how long will it take him to complete a circuit around the building, assuming he doesn’t run into any thieves?

A 22.50 minutes

Divide 30 by 8 to determine that the security guard takes 3.75 minutes to walk one city block. Multiply 3.75 by 6, the number of blocks it takes to complete the circuit, to arrive at 22.50, or 22.5 minutes.

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Booboo Angelica Martinez

1 year ago



1 year ago

I got this app to help pass the ASVAB and I had not opened it in a while due to moving and forgetting to open it now when I do the questions do not show up to solve any help with this.

abraham wilson

1 year ago

Good app

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