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A parallel combination of two resistors is connected in series with a 4 ohm resistor. If the total effective resistance by these three resistors is 10 ohms then which of the following can be the values of two resistors in parallel connection?

A One resistor is of 8 ohms and the other is of 24 ohms.
The resistances are added in series. The effective resistance offered by a combination of two resistors in series with a 4 ohms resistor is 10 ohms which means that the equivalent resistance of two resistances in parallel connection must be 6 ohms. Suppose one resistor is "a" ohms and the other resistor is "b" resistors then the equivalent resistance will be $2122_w74_h40.png$ . Therefore, 8 ohms and 24 ohms resistors will be the correct answer.
B Each resistor is of 6 ohms.
C One resistor is of 12 ohms and the other is of 24 ohms.
D One ohm is of 16 ohms and the other is of 24 ohms.