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A fish tank at an aquarium contains several cubic feet of water (1 cubic foot of water = 62.5 pounds). If the fish tank is 6 feet deep, 12 feet wide, and 13 feet long, what’s the approximate pressure at the bottom of the tank in pounds per square inch?

A 2.5

To find the pressure (psi), we must divide the tank’s total volume by the surface area of the bottom of the tank. The volume = 6 × 12 × 13 = 936 feet. Multiply it by 62.5 to convert it into pounds: 936 × 62.5 = 58,500. The bottom of the tank’s surface area is
12 ft × 13 ft = 156 inches.
Since pressure is in pounds per square inch (psi), we have to convert it to inches. The surface area is 22,464 inches. The psi is 58,500 ÷ 22,464 which is approximately 2.6. The closest answer is 2.5.

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